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07 Jul Conventional Job Search Advice That Leads to Failure

  (below is a transcript from the video) Kevin Kermes: Alright Olivia, I know that after listening to a lot of "experts" out there, we hear a ton of bad career advice, and working with more than 15,000 clients, what's some of the conventional job search advice that you've seen lead to failure? Olivia Gamber: There's a lot, but the biggest one I think that I hear time...

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07 Jul Why Feedback from HR is Useless

(the following is a transcript from the video) Olivia Gamber: Let's talk about why feedback from HR is mostly useless. This is something that we hear a lot after working with over 15,000 clients. People get spun up around what they're hearing from HR and this is a problem. Kevin Kermes: Yeah, so I mean we feel vulnerable. Right? We aren't moving forward in a process and...

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07 Jul The Unconventional Roadmap to Career Advancement

  (below is the video transcript) Kevin Kermes: As you know, we've helped more than 15,000 professionals find work they love and our entire unconventional approach is outlined step-by-step in our book, The Career Upgrade Roadmap, which you can download free below. We want to do today is walk through each one of those steps really quickly. Olivia Gamber: Step one, target identification. To stand out you need...

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