The 5 Shifts Our Clients Make to Land 6-Figure Jobs They LOVE : without resumes, outdated networking, recruiters or online applications 

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Secret #1

Why Traditional "Expert" Advice Has Left You Interview-less, Rejected by HR/Recruiters and Groveling for Jobs Beneath You (and What to Do INSTEAD!)

Secret #2

How to FINALLY Uncover the "Hidden Job Market" to Get Interviews for the MOST Coveted Jobs (NOT More "Just Get Out There and Network" Advice)

Secret #3

Brand New, Never Before Shared CLIENT CASE STUDIES: Including EXACTLY What They Did to Find Work They Love (and the TRAPS to AVOID!) 

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Who are we and why should you trust us?

Hi, I'm Kevin Kermes. In 2008, I was coming off 10+ years of experience as a headhunter with a Fortune 500 firm and two boutique agencies. That's when I “reverse-engineered” the process I’d used more than 1,000 times to align top performers with exceptional opportunities and created Career Attraction. Ever since, we've been developing and refining this program with the goal of helping every one of our clients find work that they love.

I'm Olivia Gamber. When I finished graduate school, I applied a very specific process to my own career and quickly climbed the corporate ladder. Soon, I was managing a team of recruiters and leading the talent development function for a multi-billion dollar company...but I wanted to help more people! I started my own business and joined forces with Kevin in 2016 to deliver the absolute best career training, consulting, and coaching on the market. 

We are real people who believe in our system and are eager to help our clients find work they love and the compensation they deserve! 

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