How to Overcome Employment Gaps During Your Job Search

bridging the gap How to Overcome Employment Gaps During Your Job SearchIt’s a pretty common theme amongst job seekers – employment gaps. For some it’s a protracted job search and for others it’s because they are re-entering the workforce (raising children, adjusting retirement plans, etc..) unexpectedly. Either way, my good friend and recruiter extraordinaire, Peggy McKee, discuss how to overcome these obstacles and be more effective in your job search. Listen in and share your thoughts below:

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How to Overcome Employment Gaps During Your Job Search

4 Responses

  1. Hello
    I enjoyed listening to the segmant about “gaps” in resume or during interview.
    My coaching experience has brought many easy to handle situations that I was able to give some tips except the following two examples.
    1. One mock interview session brought a lady into my office. I discovered a gap of two years with no work, she said “I was on workman comp” and insisted she is not going to list that. Apparently she has lived comfortably until now. She voluntearily offered her currently financially information (rent part of her house.)
    I asked how did our interview go; and she said I asked too private questions. I immediately returned her her resume. Next morning my supervisor said that she complained about me asking private questions.
    My question is how do you explain Workman’s Comp.
    2. Another lady at our Mock Interview Clinic at last week’s Census Job Resource Fair what to do when there is a law suit pending. It’s about workplace discrimination charge. In fact the trial is next March. but now she needs work.
    I hear quite a few similar cases; but these two stand out for me to present them to you for advice.
    I’ve been coaching in Califirnia Central Valley for 8 1/2 years. I have three monthly Job Clinics on Resume Makeover, Interview, and Job Search. Next Monday, 9/27, I will start the fourth Job Web Clinic for job seekers to the library patrons who are unemployed. I always share any thing I learn from this web site.
    Thanks, Keep up with the good work.

    bernice Kao
    Career Coach

  2. I just listened to the audio interview with Peggy McKee on employment gaps. On a similar note, how do I overcome having to accept a lower level position due to centralization and downsizing in the electric utility industry?
    I received promotions every three to five years and was in supervision for eight years (two different positions) when my job as purchasing supervisor was centralized to the corporate office. The local office was no longer a separate entity and was reorganized. I accepted a position as administrative assistant thinking I would have the opportunity to apply for something else at a later time. (During this period, the president was let go and vice presidents accepted manager positions.) Five years later, our area of the company was sold and the new company downsized even more. (Seventeen people lost their job.) We became a very small portion of a large company with few opportunities for promotions. (The company was near bankruptcy and continued cutbacks.) It has been fifteen years since I accepted the administrative assistant position. I went back to school two years ago and received my associate’s degree in Hospitality and Tourism Management in May of this year. I am still working but want to take early retirement and start a career in the hospitality industry.
    Should I make a comment on my resume to explain the move from supervision to administrative?

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  3. Hi, I really relate to putting too much weight into the resume. I have been agonizing over how to account for the last 7 years of my career transition on my resume. I find that when I network, the gap is a non-issue. I have grouped the various projects and jobs I have done over the last 7 years as “Entrepreneurial Projects” at the top of the list in a chronological resume. Above that is a Summary section and a Skills section.

    My focus now is networking and putting on that “Why I’m Amazing!” performance. Thanks for the broadcast.

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