How to Become the Most Viable Next Hire

Last year I was on The Career Catalyst radio show talking about “How to Supercharge Your Job Search.” In this interview, they had me back on to discuss “How to Become the Most Viable Next Hire.”  Scott Aronow and I talk about standing out in this crowded market, how to pull opportunities your way instead of chasing them and really get into the weeds on how you can find a job quicker.

If you aren’t a regular listener to The Career Catalyst, I highly recommend you put it on your “to do” list.  Kenrick and Scott always have some great information and they make sure their guests get into the “how” and go deep with actionable information.

After you’ve listened in to this episode, please leave your thoughts below as comments on the blog.

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How to Become the Most Viable Next Hire

10 Responses

  1. Not only does a company need me now but will they need me for the next 3-5 years?

    Networking is about building and maintaining relationships, people do not understand this. It is why I have 2 post one on networking and the other on networking etiquette..

    The other thing instead of a resume have a professional profile.

    When focusing on an accomplishment highlight your skills used in doing it.

    Answer all 3 questions:
    1.) How do I make or save time use %
    2.) How do I make or save money use % or $
    3.) How do I solve problems.

    ID publicly traded company use for information.

    When networking with someone try to solve one of their pain points to show your capability.

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  2. For a company to hire you is not as Cinderella as you make it sound. It is you have targeted a company that you wan to work for for various reasons, atmosphere, culture, like the technology products or service, staff etc.
    It takes much research on your part and a lot of networking hours in order to understand their pain and if you are the one to solve their pain. It could take you years before the opportunity arises that fits you exactly. You have to have a niche set of skills maybe in order for this to take less time.
    This is one of hidden jobs

    Consulting may let you test drive a company on your target list. It could push them up the list or eliminate them from the list.

    Should have focused on techniques how to find out what they need. There was not a lot of that in the discussion. It was more on how to conduct a job search more of the push not the pull side of the market.

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  3. I will say that Kevin doesn’t cut any corners. He is honest to tell job seekers the truth about what employers want and don’t want, which is why I like listening to him. The information he provides is helpful including the Q&A. Continue to inform us on the current events.

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  4. Kevin did a great job on this subject and gave a face to networking. This term has many different meanings to all people. He broke it down for everyone. Thanks for your tips on this subject!

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  5. Kevin is refreshingly direct and on target!

    There are a few ways of discerning a company’s “pain”. Trade mags/emags are a good source. If a firm has recently won new business, it may need to staff up to support and retain it. Conversely, if it has lost some business, it may need to bring on board some heavy hitters/sales teams.

    The consulting approach is very valid and how I landed my last position. Hopefull it will work again as I look for my next opportunity!

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  6. Kevin, Thank you for the direct and detailed talk show. This is a wake-up call for everyone job hunting or in an unhappy job situation. The tools to motivate and search for that “job fit” and find the happiness we are all looking for in our day to day careers.

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  7. Kevin, I thought this was excellent. Offered some great ideas. I will probably listen to it again.

  8. Excellent content. Direct and applicable. Thank you!

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  9. I found the ideas put forward by Kevin to be eye-opening. As someone who has been “beating the bushes trying to scare up opportunities” for a while I have to admit it’s a drastic paradigm shift to think that companies would do the “bush beating” instead. Great show – incredibly valuable. Thanks Kevin!

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  10. Excellent tips, information and ideas. Thank you for the opportunity to listen.

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