We met Brad one month ago and…

BAM! 22 days later, he accepted an offer for the 6-figure job he loves!

And, you are able to SEE and HEAR from him HOW on this FB LIVE.

Brad’s background is that he has been in HR after serving our country for more than 20 years in the Coast Guard.

Regardless of his particular industry or discipline, in many ways, Brad is just like every one of our clients.

When he came to us, he’d been using “traditional” methods: job boards, recruiters, online applications and networking.

Then, he made our 5 shifts and started getting the results he wanted.

Some of the things he’s said he’d like to share with you include how he…

  • quit his “spray and pray” method of applying to anything to see what would stick
  • changed his focus more to being about him than finding a job
  • learned how to celebrate and focus on winning
  • discovered that HE was the biggest obstacle in his search

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