doh!We are all human, and humans make mistakes… even on LinkedIn. However, all errors are not created equal. Some gaffes are outright hysterical and can be elevated to blooper status.

Steve Levy (@levyrecruits) brought some of these bloopers to my attention during a day I was lucky to spend with him discussing all things recruiting. He generously shared these LinkedIn profile mishaps that made me giggle… a lot.

Full disclosure: I have made these errors on occasion myself, as I am human. I either caught them early in the process, my proofreader caught them or I had someone lovingly make me aware of them before any real damage was done or blooper status was reached. As a result, I pay it forward wherever and whenever I can.

Below you’ll find three LinkedIn profile bloopers you should avoid at all costs. (Identities — photos and identifying employment information — in the bloopers below have been blurred to protect the offender despite our having a laugh at their anonymous expense.) Clearly, spelling errors of any kind anywhere in your profile are bad — but when these types of errors are found in the prominent title or tagline area, it makes the errors extra special:


1. Run-of-the-Mill Tagline or Title Spelling Errors (Like “Manger” for “Manager”)

LI Blooper 1
Bad spelling and grammar are a sure-fire red flag for hiring managers. This applies whether it’s your paper resume or your LinkedIn profile. However, there is more at stake with typos in a profile.

One might even argue that it’s more important to avoid errors on LinkedIn because you’re dealing with search engines. A person would at least have an idea of what you meant to say when reading your profile, whereas a search algorithm will have no clue what you meant. As a result, your spelling error will cause your profile not to show up in results. You won’t be placed in the search pile of consideration since you’ve titled yourself as a “manger” while a recruiter is looking for a “manager.”


2. Embarrassing Tagline or Title Spelling Errors (Like “Pubic” Instead of  “Public”)

LI Blooper 2
This is along the same lines as our first point, except with an added layer of humiliation and embarrassment.

You may be able to give a recruiter a good laugh (if they can even find you, that is), but corporate may take issue with your accidentally obscene profile. No one wants to hire someone in charge of Pubic Relations or Pubic Affairs, right?


3. Professional Debacle Spelling Errors in the Tagline or Title

LI Blooper 3
It’s in your best interest to know how to correctly spell the job you’re vying for. (Click here to tweet this thought.) Far too often, individuals make careless spelling mistakes that can a) make them nearly impossible to find and b) eliminate them from consideration if their resume or profile is found.

One common mistake I see often is the misspelling of the word “communications.” For instance, someone may (and has) put “VP of Corporate Comunications” on their profile. As a leader in this profession, one would assume you can avoid elementary spelling mistakes pertaining to your communications title. But alas, no, as evidenced by these examples.

Please avoid this by checking for spelling and grammar. Most Internet browsers even make it easy for you by having a “Spelling and Grammar” option under the “Edit” menu. Use it liberally. The best way to edit your profile is to use MS Word to write your profile and spell-check it. Then print the Word document and read it aloud. Doing this will unearth grammar issues that can only be picked up by the ear.

Avoiding these common LinkedIn bloopers will help you stand out and get noticed by search engines and recruiters. For more information on how to optimize your LinkedIn profile, check out my guide on how to use new LinkedIn features.

What’s the worst blooper you’ve spotted on LinkedIn? Share in the comments!

This post originally appeared at Chameleon Resumes.

Image: Fickr