twitter-follow-achieverWhen you first join Twitter, one of the challenges you may experience  is trying to determine who you should follow to maximize the success of your job search. This blog post will discuss the goals, the seven categories and the “how to” of who to follow on Twitter for your job search.

What are your job search Twitter follow strategy goals? By following the right mix of Twitter users, you will reap many job search benefits; It will help you stay current with industry knowledge and trends. You will get access to up to the minute information about and connect directly with leaders at the companies you may want to work for. You will get expert job search advice and links to helpful tips and articles. You will get access to real time job postings and recruiters that specialize in the jobs you are interested in. And, it opens up another audience for networking.

Ultimately, you have the ability to fast track your job search by increasing your knowledge, skills and targeted connections via Twitter.

There are seven specific categories of Twitter users that I recommend you follow on Twitter to maximize your job search success:

  1. Experts, Top Bloggers & Thought Leaders:  For example: David Meerman Scott @dmscott is a well known expert in Social Media Marketing, Jill Konrath @jillkonrath is a well known expert in Sales and Guy Kawaski @guykawaski is well known for his technology and entrepeneurial advice.
  2. Industry News Alerts & Industry Magazines: For example, technologists may want to follow CIO Magazine and fitness professionals may want to follow Fitness Magazine.  (Check out this Magazine list on Twellow.)
  3. Recruiters: There are thousands of recruiters on Twitter, some working for specific companies and many working for independent staffing firms. For example, Harry Joiner, aka @ecommercejobs is an (you guessed it) ecommerce jobs recruiter.
  4. Job Boards: Every major job board, ex. Monster, Careerbuilder and many niche boards, ex. GreenJobs, Tweet on Twitter. Their content includes a mix of job search advice, info about events and specific job postings.
  5. Career Coaches: It’s amazing how much job search advice you can find on Twitter on topics that include interviewing, resumes, social media, career fairs, personal branding and much more. Some of the most popular career experts include: Alison Doyle from, Susan Joyce of and JT O’Donnel, founder of and, of course, Kevin Kermes, founder of Career Attraction.
  6. Alumni Associations: Most alumni associations have a presence on Twitter and provide a conduit to learn about networking and career related events, and may give you direct access to other Alumni in your area. Your Alma mater wants to help in your job search success.
  7. Companies: Hand picked by you- these may include companies you want to work for, Senior Leaders within a company you want to learn more about, ex. CEO or CMO, or even competitors of companies you’re targeting.

How do you find all these Twitter users? There are several different options: Leverage the Twitter “Find People” search function. Use Twitter search and enter job search related hashtags including #career, #jobs, #interview. (Click here to learn more about Hashtags.) Use directories like TweepSearch and Twellow. Use Twitter “who to follow” lists posted on TweepML and Twibes. And, you can Google “Top Twitter users to follow for XX” and insert the topic of your choice. Many bloggers have posted their recommendations for who to follow.

To make this process even easier for job seekers, J2B Marketing did extensive research on items 1 through 5 above and has created a series of Twitter Follower lists on TweepML.  To learn more, simply click on the link next to the list description.

Marketing Job Search Follow List

Jump start your marketing job search on Twitter by following this powerful mix of Marketing Recruiters, Marketing Industry Thought Leaders, Job Search & Branding Experts & Online Job Boards.

Sales Job Search Follow List

Jump start your sales job search on Twitter by following this powerful mix of Sales Recruiters, Sales Industry Gurus, Sales Trainers, Job Search & Branding Experts & Online Job Boards.

Green Job Search | Clean Tech Job Search Follow List

Jump start your Green job search on Twitter by following this powerful mix of Green Recruiters, Green News Tweets, Green Experts, Green Job Tweets, Career Experts & Online Job Boards. (Sustainable Energy, Clean Tech )

IT Job Search- Technology Job Search Follow List

Jump start your Technology job search on Twitter by following this powerful mix of Tech Recruiters, Technology Thought Leaders, Tech Magazines, Job Search & Branding Experts & Online Job Boards.

Marci ReynoldsMarci Reynolds is the CEO of J2B Marketing, a “Job Seeker 2 Business”™ Internet Marketing & Online Copywriting Services Firm based in Boston, MA. She is also the author of the new ebook, “How To Use Twitter For Your Job Search” and the “social media for job search” expert blogger on the award winning website Previously, Marci was the VP, North America Sales Operations at, the leading online careers website. Learn more at, on Twitter @j2bmarketing.

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