About Kevin & Olivia

Does any of this sound familiar?

  • “I’m stuck in a job that only uses a FRACTION of my capabilities with almost ZERO prospect of growth or advancement. I’m embarrassed to have to answer the question from former colleagues, “What are you doing now?”
  • “I am not sure if my experience in one industry will transfer to another, but right now I feel like I’m moving in a direction I’m not passionate about and don’t want to go.”
  • “I miss being in BIGGER business conversations that I don’t get to have in my current role.”
  • “I have over 20 years of experience, but I am overqualified for most roles I get calls for and can’t get the time of day for the roles I REALLY want.”
  • “I’m not contributing to my fullest….and, sometimes, I feel COMPLETELY defeated and discouraged.”

Hi, we’re

Olivia and Kevin

the partners at Career Attraction and we show high achievers how to take their career to the next level.

With over 30 years combined experience in the career and corporate talent business and more than 15,000 clients, we have learned EXACTLY what it takes for you to stand out in this competitive market and get the respect, pay, and fulfillment you deserve.


  • Lighting up inside with excitement when someone asks you “what do you do” and being eager to start the week on Monday morning.
  • Always having your choice from the top opportunities at the most DESIRABLE and PRESTIGIOUS companies…never having to apply online (like everyone else).
  • Being able to have several job offers after a few phone calls because of your powerful network of career advocates.
  • Being able to command the premium salary package and being paid significantly more than your peers.

This is exactly what we do.

So, if you’re ready to reach new heights in your career, but are feeling frustrated and discouraged – you’re in the right place.

And we all know…

When work is good, everything else follows: family, friends, health and more!

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