Kevin Kermes: A question we get a lot is keywords, keywords on the resume, what do we need to do. There’s a lot of advice out there, there’s a lot of bad advice from resume experts on where keywords fit in and how they’re effectively used. Olivia, I know you’ve got some really strong opinions on this.

Olivia Gamber: I guess. I know we both feel strongly about keywords because we’ve been on the receiving end of having to read a resume that’s clearly been written from a machine and not a human. Again, this goes back to commoditizing yourself and just listing all those bullets. I can’t tell you how many resumes I’ve written or read … Sorry, not written, read … that list off just tasks and skills at the top and it doesn’t provide any context and the worst cases it’s positioning you as a commodity because that’s exactly what everybody else is doing. It blurs you together with all the pieces of paper.

Kevin Kermes: Yeah. So make sure you’ve got context behind those things. Don’t expect that resume is going to do all that heavy lifting because like Olivia said, it’s going to wind you up as a commodity.