Pulled from the FREE e-book “70+ Tips to Perfect the Interview,” today’s advice comes from Martin Yate, CPC, Author of the “Knock ’em Dead” Series.

Tell me about the problems that typically occur in (this deliverable of your job)?”

For a simple example, with an accountant this question might refer to Accounts Receivable. The pertinent query also has a natural follow-up, “Tell me the things you do to prevent these situations from arising in the first place?”

You ask this question, and its follow-up, because every job, at every level and in every profession exists for the same reason: for the identification, prevention and solutions of problems within that area of professional responsibility.

This question helps you separate the candidate(s) who see their work as problem solution and prevention, from the ones who don’t. By separating these candidate types, you move a long way towards making the right hire…and saving inordinate amounts of time with candidates who talk a good game but who don’t really “get” what’s at the heart of the job.

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