How To Switch Industries and Maximize Your Next Career Shift

There are so many people that limit themselves to only certain types of career paths. This case study will hopefully help you to broaden your mind to what is really possible for you. Addie found a way to completely change industries in a matter of months!

She had zero real estate experience and was able to quickly build relationships with the right people in order to land 3 interviews in 30 days! This is not normal, in fact most people do not put themselves out there as quickly as Addie does, but we could all learn from her urgency and energy.

Taking action and talking directly to the market is the quickest way to test your assumptions, build relationships, and create opportunities that you didn’t even know existed. Let us know what you think.

If you are done being underutilized in your job and ready to finally get the pay, respect, and fulfillment you deserve…then I highly encourage you to fill this out and talk to us.




Olivia: Hey guys, Olivia Gamber here. I’m here with my good friend Addie at our favorite spot in Scottsdale, having a French 75. Cheers.

Addie: Cheers.

Olivia: If you’re ever here in Scottsdale, definitely check out Second Story. It’s an awesome speakeasy. The reason I wanted to have Addie on today was really because she’s pretty much done the unthinkable. She’s given in careers and she’s now an internet home consultant, which is in real estate with zero real estate experience. I’m hoping, for those of you who are doubting that you don’t have experience or you’re not qualified, I really wanted to share her story because it’s really inspiring. Addie, I just want to know. You were in a field where you were already performing really well and you were climbing and you were getting promotions. What made you want to leave?

Addie: I got that question a lot from a lot of friends and family. I was working as a recruiter for another builder, fell into HR recruiting right out of college. I was doing well. I was getting promoted. I thought, “If I’m successful at this, I must be passionate about it, right? They must go hand-and-hand.” Well, no. I started doing some self-reflection this past year and was realizing that it wasn’t what I was passionate bout. It wasn’t what was getting me out of bed in the morning.

I started thinking what am I passionate about? I know you know this, it’s a hard question to answer. It’s not easy. I started thinking what do you do with your free time? That’s what you’re really passionate. I realized that I’m going to open houses. I’m checking apps, like and Zillow. I’m really obsessed with shows like “Flip or Flop” on HGTV. I was like “I’m loving real estate.” I started doing some research online and I figured out how to get my real estate license. Once I made that decision I started reaching out to my network and people who were in a job that I wanted to be, or in real estate.

Olivia: Wait a second! Did you just say reaching out to your network? Because I’m pretty sure those of you guys listening, we all hear that you need to network. I know this is something that comes naturally to you. You pretty much doubled down and she made this happen in a matter of one month. I think it was even less. I talked to her, two weeks later you had three interviews lined up. When you say reached out to your network, who did that happen for you and how did you develop these contacts that were so valuable?

Addie: I guess where it started was right after I made the decision to start my real estate license. Signed up for that to hold me accountable. I made a list of other builders or re-sale realty companies that I would want to work with. I wrote them down and I said “I’m going to reach out to all of these. I’m going to find somebody who works there or did work there and ask them what it’s like.”

Olivia: She got a target list of companies, this might sound familiar, if some of you had read “The Career Upgrade Roadmap.” Not trying to plug the book, but it is free this week, so definitely hit the link below and download it. That’s exactly what you did and most people don’t take the time to get specific … Even then though, you were thinking real estate, but you weren’t exactly sure what job or if it was even possible. Did you think it was possible yet, still?

Addie: It was honestly kind of a hope. I just was like “I’m gonna follow this energy that I’m feeling right now and I’m going to pursue this best I can.” Again, writing down the companies and then anybody I would talk to, even if I didn’t think they had a connection to one of them, letting them know what my plans were. “Here’s what I want to do, here’s what I’m working on. I’m trying to get into real estate.” And it just opened up, I mean, you wouldn’t be surprised, but anyone else might be surprised. “Oh, I know this person. I know this person. You should talk to them.” It just waterfall-ed from there.

Olivia: Were you surprised that how much that opened up opportunities, just simply having these conversations?

Addie: I was blown away. People actually want to help you. They want to say “Oh, I know this person. You should talk to them.” Or “They can help you out, they’re at this company” It’s crazy. I was honestly blown away.

Olivia: At the point when you’re meeting with these people, were you asking for a job?

Addie: No. I mean, I’m just doing discovery. It’s still out of my comfort zone, but in a way that I guess made them feel comfortable with answering my questions, letting me know what it’s like, or what I should look out for. What might be hard about it? I was really surprised.

Olivia: Wow! That’s incredible. What got you so many interviews so quickly? I think you had three in a week one time with builders and ultimately on paper you weren’t as qualified as your competition. What do you think lead to that?

Addie: Zero qualifications. I think, honestly, the networking and being persistent, following up. I was at that point ready to take any angle I could to get into a company. I’d say “Hey, I just talked to Tim who works at this company and he recommended I speak to you.” Coming from a recruiter, I knew that I loved referrals. I figured that any other company would love referrals. Anyway that I could figure out an angle to get somebody’s name or drop a network number in there, I would do that. I think that’s what helped getting there.

Olivia: Why do you think so many people hesitate to do this stuff, what you did?

Addie: It’s scary. It’s very scary. My family and friends were like, “What are you doing Addie? You got a good thing going and your successful at this. Stay in it.” It’s very gray. It’s not black and white. There’s not a you do this and this will happen. You hope you can be as descriptive and organized as you want, but it’s scary. It’s putting yourself out there and hoping that it’s going to work out.

Olivia: How does it feel now that it has worked out?

Addie: It’s great. I feel so happy. I feel stress free and I feel like I know I’ve made the right decision. I followed my passion. I followed my gut.

Olivia: Did you ever think it was going to happen this fast?

Addie: No, I didn’t. It’s awesome. That was surprising.

Olivia: Well thank you. Is there anything else you would share with people that are feeling stuck and maybe wanting to pivot, but don’t feel qualified. What would you say to those people?

Addie: I would just say, for me, it was a lot of self reflection. So really self reflect. Are you really happy? Is it really what you’re passionate about? If not, that’s okay. Don’t be afraid. Figure out what you are passionate about, what you do like doing in your free time. Then make a plan and go after it.

Olivia: Awesome. Thank you. Cheers to you and your success.

Addie: Cheers.

Olivia: You’re awesome.