How do you create leverage to negotiate when you are unemployed and trying to bounce back from a layoff?

This is a valid question to ask. Many people feel they are coming from a place of weakness and choose not to negotiate an offer because when you are unemployed you don’t have any leverage. The truth is, there are ALWAYS ways to influence the conditions that create more demand for your talent and allow you to ask for more money.

In this raw audio footage I am about to share with you, I coach a current client, Chris through his negotiations. He started our Career Upgrade Accelerator program after being laid off on March 27th, and less than 90 days later he is negotiating his salary leveraging multiple interviews.

On this call you are about to listen in on, you will hear how we come up with the counter, how we position his value, and exactly what we say to get them up $10,000.

This role was not only a pivot for Chris into a consulting, but this job will be a bridge to a huge future. The role allows him to build a diverse skill set working with multiple companies and projects that would take him years to experience in just one organization.

He will be paid more than in his last role and even more marketable when it is all said and done.

Listen in on how I talk him through his counter offer now!

You might be wondering, how Chris was able to land multiple interviews with companies on his target list within 90 days (without simply applying cold through HR).

What you don’t see here is how Chris was able to meet MULTIPLE people on the team he was interviewing with BEFORE he ever interviewed with the recruiter or hiring manager!

The bottom line is, Chris does not have a ton of work experience for this job. He is actually pivoting into a role where he will be required to work on projects that has ZERO experience with.

What he was able to do was create a message around what he DOES have and understand where the team needs the most help by talking to them and building a relationship. He would have never seen any of this on a job description!

This is where it comes down to having the right strategy and approach to see another breakthrough in your career.

If you are ready to learn more about this strategy I invite you to check out a FREE copy of our bestselling book below that walks you through this entire process in more depth.