Find the Thing That Makes You EXTRAORDINARY

When we met CIO/CTO Eric, he was approaching his job search like many of our clients do:

  • fine-tuning the resume
  • combing through job boards
  • paying for ineffective coaching


Eric knew he needed to “change something”. He just didn’t know what.

In this FB live, Eric reveals the changes he made to land his dream job:

“I got three offers because I stopped looking for a job. I just started being ME.”

He attracted not one, but THREE SIX-FIGURE OFFERS by showing up to every conversation and owning his identity. He added value by detaching himself from the outcome.

Eric became “addicted” to helping people, instead of molding himself to something someone else wanted him to be – sound familiar? 

His key piece of advice:

“Find the thing you’re EXTRAORDINARY at – the thing that sets you apart – and OWN IT.”

For Eric?

That’s making “impossible product outcomes occur for companies.”

Once he realized that, the wheels started turning.

What’s the thing that sets YOU apart?


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