We’ve covered many of the reasons people get stuck and fail to make a successful career change.

Let’s get specific about what you need to do to succeed.

First, we need to talk about the one approach you must avoid in order to make a successful career transition.

The number one mistake we see potential high achievers make in their career is completely devastating for two reasons.

1) This is the top reason that holds most people back from receiving the respect, fulfillment, and pay they deserve.
2) Most people have no idea they are making this critical mistake.​

It’s very likely you’ve also been making this same mistake for a long time. I don’t mean to make assumptions, but we see this time and time again with our clients at every level.

The #1 mistake we see our clients make is they are positioning themselves as a commodity.

This is the biggest and most devastating consequence of all the general advice out there. I don’t think anyone is intentionally trying to sabotage you, but ultimately this is what it does.

All this begins with simply you trying to do the right thing. You’re trying to work through this system, the job search system, and it doesn’t serve you.

More importantly, it’s a system that immediately lumps you in with the hundreds if not thousands of other pieces of paper. That’s precisely when you start being positioned as a commodity.

This is how most people begin their career search with their resume, they tweak it, then they submit applications, and they wait…

In this video we talk about the major problem with this approach.

The biggest problem with this approach is that it takes the control of your career growth completely out of your hands.

This also lumps you into a system and process along with everyone else…which makes it near impossible to stand out!

As a top performer, you haven’t gotten to this point in your career by simply doing what everyone else is doing…so why start now?

This may have worked for you to get where you are now…but what got you here will not be the same approach that pushes you to the next level.

You need a new career advancement framework that replaces the conventional one.

This is where most “experts” will pitch a program to you – some one-size-fits-all digital course that’ll solve all your problems.

We didn’t (and don’t do that). Instead, we GAVE you the Bestselling Career Upgrade Roadmap…which includes the framework that has had an 80% success rate in less than 90 days and has been tested on more than 14,000 professionals.

Now you know you already have all the information you need. Even with the proven process we still see people start, then stop when attempting to make a change in their career.

There are other components you need to make lasting change and Kevin will cover a big one most people miss in tomorrow’s email.

Now, I’m curious…does this approach sound familiar to you? Have you found yourself using this approach to find a better job?