Every Tuesday and Thursday, we have a LIVE call with our clients.

We always start off the call by celebrating the recent wins, interviews, offers, and victories our clients are achieving daily. The success, momentum, and progress are contagious, which is why we do this.

The job search can be completely isolating and it’s important to stay in control of your mindset because that is 80% of the battle when it comes to seeing a massive, FAST breakthrough in your career.

Just today, we celebrated a client who has attracted multiple 6-figure offers just one month in the program (after moving across the country), another for landing an interview with Marriott for an executive marketing role (after coming from a non-profit for the past decade,) a client securing an in-person interview at Google, and another client being flown to NYC on Thursday for a final interview.

And it’s only Tuesday as I write this.

I guarantee by Thursday, we will have several more victories, offers and interviews to share because we are all about RESULTS (not activity) at Career Attraction.

In addition to our calls, we have clients regularly sharing their wins and victories in our private group. There, they are able to achieve access to executives directly and cutting past the recruiters and HR to uncover the “hidden job market” and have impactful conversations that move their search and career forward.

We don’t always share every post… but wewanted to share this one from Brett.

Someone needs to hear this today. Maybe it’s you.

===BEGIN Brett’s POST===

All, I wanted to provide an update as to how well this process works. Prior to joining, like most of us, I had been applying for jobs that seemed appealing – many jobs. Not a single response. As I joined, I heard loud and clear to stop, that it really doesn’t work, and that, to get the job and results I really wanted, I needed to do something different.

I started earnestly following the training, did the homework, started contacting – all in January of this year. It seemed slow at first, but I trusted.

Through my connections, I had conversations with a couple of EVPs and CIOs – ones who could be decision makers for the roles I have been looking. However, one CIO that I really wanted to talk with never responded. I even went at him from a few different angles – nothing. I had nearly given up.

However, as I was driving down the road last week, he called me. It was totally unexpected, and caught me off guard. I say this to show that I was ‘unready’ to have to conversation.

As such, we just talked – which I think was a better way to have to conversation. I had told him I was not looking for a job, but really wanted to connect and talk. However, the more we talked, the more specific the questions became. We ended the conversation with him saying he wanted me to talk with someone he had just hired, and who needed some help.

I had the interview with this VP (the one who needed the help) on Monday. It went extremely well, and again, it was just a conversation. None of the high-pressure, weed out the candidates kind of interview. I was able to get him to talk about what he needed, talked about my skills and where I thought I could help. We ended with him saying give him a week or so, and he would come back with a position he felt would fit both his needs and mine.

And all this for a job that has not been posted, nor even thought about yet. I got in behind the HR filters and had a conversation about helping him solve problems. It was completely to plan as to what Olivia and Kevin have been teaching and helping to lay the groundwork for.

That said, I still need to close the loop. I don’t have an official offer yet. So until then, I have a couple more connections/companies that I am working on. I am working to have several opportunities at hand to be able to make a decision on the best one for me. The momentum is addicting!

I will follow up with the group as to how it goes and what outcomes get. Believe – in both the system and in yourself!

====END Brett’s POST ====

Seeing this transformation with Brett is completely inspiring for a couple of reasons:

1. When he came to us in January, he was not 100% clear on what he wanted to do next. He not only had a broad set of IT experience but needed to dial in both his message and his target.

2. Brett is a total perfectionist. As such, he wanted to perfect his message, resume, and LinkedIn profile before he went out of the market. So, we had to overcome a lot of resistance to get him to CRUSH his reluctance to reach out.

Once we were able to get him in a confident place to take massive action he started to experience wins, momentums, and opportunities that he never thought were possible. This is where he became addicted to the process and fear disappeared.

If Brett’s story and situation resonate with you, then I would encourage you to book a call with us this week.

On this call, we will dive into your situation, take time to understand what your goals are, and determine if we can help. If we can help, then we will go deeper with you and share exactly how we’ll work together to uncover that 6-figure role (most likely “hidden”) you’ll love. If we cannot, then we will tell you and still point you in the right direction with resources.

Either way, it will be time well spent on your career and taking action instead of continuing to do the same thing expecting different results.

Here’s a link to grab a time with us this week.

We look forward to hearing from you.