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I’ve always wanted to have a job where I didn’t have to be in a desk or at an office from 9 AM to 5 PM every day.

I never truly believed that location independence was possible for me because I never saw an opportunity that allowed this type of flexibility with the type of pay I was looking to earn.

In 2015, my entire paradigm and perspective on careers and the world of work completely shifted.

I’ve always been hyper ambitious and goal oriented with my career. By the time I hit my mid-20s I was able to build a department, lead a team, create systems and processes for a large public corporation.

I felt like I was living the dream.

Just like anything else in life, you get use to it and it no longer becomes a challenge anymore.

Career management and creating opportunities was a skill I learned quickly. I have always been a personal development junkie and constantly trying to surround myself with people who are light years ahead of me in their careers.

It wasn’t until 2015, that I realized I could apply the same principles of relationship building to building a business and creating the life I really wanted.

Transforming One Conversation at a Time

In 2015 I started a podcast as a way to add value to others and also connect with people who I could learn from.

With each conversation that I had, there was a transformation taking place that I didn’t even realize.

Being exposed to people with unique career paths opened my mind to possibilities I never saw before.

I started to see the unique ways that people were able to earn a living by adding value to the world and solving problems for people.

I began to build relationships with other people who ran businesses in the career space.

Through all of this, I became aware of the possibilities for growth and revenue for the platform I had created. This is when things started to become more serious for me in 2015.

I now find myself surrounded by some heavy hitters in the career business that have created a business of their dreams.

What I admire most about my new circle of friends is that they are able to get paid to solve problems that matter to them on their terms.

As I continued to grow my business in the early mornings before work and in the late evenings after work, I started to build a legitimate business with products and services.

The joy and satisfaction I got from this experience is unlike anything I’ve ever gotten from any other job.

I knew I needed to find a way to make this a more permanent arrangement some day.

Just like every other goal that I have in life, I always seek out people who have already achieved my goal so that I am able to reverse engineer their process.

The Relationship With The Key To My Dream Job

I reached out to Kevin Kermes, Founder of Career Attraction, which is a big player in the career space. He was able to create over 20 training programs, acquire hundreds of thousands of subscribers, and over 14,000 customers.

From where I was sitting, Kevin had everything I was striving for and was someone I could learn a ton from.

Kevin willingly jumped on a Skype call with me the next week and we just talked about what we were working on. I asked him questions about his goals and we became friends.

A few weeks later, I was on a flight to Orlando, Florida for work and it hit me about 30 minutes before I was landing that Kevin lived in Orlando. I decided to email him to let him know I was in town to see if we could possibly meet in person.

We were able to meet that evening and talk business. As I got to know Kevin more, I learned that he was looking for someone to join him as a partner in his business.

He was looking to partner with someone to help him take things to the next level and scale things even further.

Immediately I saw a huge opportunity. I see this guy who has everything I want talking about a problem he needed to solve and I knew I was the perfect fit.

I had experience building my own platform (granted at a much smaller scale) and I have experience in building systems, strategic thinking, and creating processes from scratch.

The Big Ask

I knew I couldn’t leave that night without finding a way to pitch myself for this opportunity, but I was nervous because this was literally the 3rd time we had ever spoken and it was our first in person meeting.

Then I realized that I had to be sitting in this conversation for a reason and I didn’t want to leave thinking “what if,” so I decided to pitch him on the idea just as we were getting ready to leave.

I said, “Kevin, this might be a conflict of interest, but I just want to throw this out there. It’s become clear to me that you are looking for someone to help you run the operations for your company and I’d like to be considered for this opportunity.

I know what you are trying to accomplish and I think we have complimentary strengths.

You have exactly what I’m spending my early mornings and late evenings building right now so I would love to get there faster by learning from your business and helping you. Would you be open to discussing that with me?”

Then I saw a big look of surprise come across his face as he paused for a couple seconds. These seconds felt like an eternity, but then he said, “Yes, let’s talk about it.”

Over the next couple days and weeks things became more serious as I learned his vision for the company and the role he would need to fill to get there. We started to realize that we shared similar values and conducted business in a complimentary way.

Relationships Are The Key To Your Dream Life

As I look back on every breakthrough I’ve ever had in my career, relationships were the key to unlocking that opportunity.

I never would have moved this quickly on my own. As an introvert, this was a skill I had to master, but the payoff was always worth it.

If you could unlock any opportunity, what would that look like for you? Go ahead and let us know in the comments.