Any time you are trying to do something new in your life whether it’s getting a better job, starting a new habit, or looking to accomplish something you have never done, then you will be met with resistance every step of the way. In this video we discuss how we see this play out with our clients.

Don’t let the excuse that “I don’t have time” let you off the hook from achieving what you really want to in your life. Time always comes down to micro decisions and we all could have time if we choose to make sacrifices.

Let us know what is holding you back from accomplishing your goal in the comments!

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Kevin: Hey guys, it’s Kevin Kermes and Olivia Gamber from Career Attraction and we’ve got another question for Olivia today so I’ve just been firing questions away at Olivia. We both do a lot of coaching with high performers and contrary to what some people might think or maybe they think they are an anomaly when it comes to this. I want you to dissect the following statement for me, “Hey Olivia, I know I was supposed to get x done from our last call last week in the call this week but I wasn’t able to because I was too busy.”

Olivia: Yes, this is a common occurrence that I hear from people that I’m coaching and ultimately what I find is they are usually paying me money to spend time with them and at this point when I hear this, they’ve not only wasted both of our time but also their resources. It must be something pretty serious holding them back and it usually has nothing to do with time because a lot of the times when it comes down to getting results, it has to do with people leaving their comfort zone. It’s the saying to get something you’ve never gotten, you have to do something you’ve never done before. You’re obviously changing your approach, that’s why they come to work with me. Along the way every step I swear it’s resistance and it’s things that hold them back and it has nothing to do with external forces. It’s internal and their belief systems about whatever it may be, they’re scared that somebody is going to reject them, they’re scared that they’re not ready to leave their job.

They’re scared maybe they think that this is the best they deserve. I mean it could be a number of things and that’s my job is to help them uncover that because ultimately it’s your beliefs that are holding you back from taking action. Not time, not anything else that they’ve convinced themselves so that way that they can just … I can let them off the hook and that’s not my job. I don’t let them off the hook.