We’re going to miss talking to Lou…

Not only a client, but a friend, she’s a high performer who just landed her dream job as a President of a rapidly growing creative firm in LA.

And, in this FB LIVE, from Friday, she shares (candidly) how hard the search can be.

As she said, “It’s lonely at the top.”

Executives know this well, but it’s also a sentiment that holds true for most high performers when it comes to the job search.

We tend to turn inward.

We retreat…

ESPECIALLY, when we aren’t getting the results we want.

The results we think we SHOULD be getting.

Because, come on, if we’re REALLY this good…

it shouldn’t be that hard.

But, like with most things, WE are the bottleneck in our career.

It’s easy to blame age, the market, recruiters, etc…

but we cannot control any of that.

Listen in as Lou shares her revelations that led to multiple interviews and choices, which ultimately landed her in her dream job.

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