spoiler alert

It’s amazing what you can get done in 20 minutes when you have structure and focus…

For example, I had a Coaching Call with a client (actually, this is the second time we’ve worked together) who has a phenomenal track record in her marketing niche.

While I cannot give out too much detail on her background, because a) clients expect (and get) confidentiality and b) they are paying a $500 hourly rate to work together, I can tell you…

1) She has a phenomenal track record in her marketing niche.

2) Her prior employers are a “who’s who” in the financial services sector.

And, while all of this sounds GREAT, she wanted to make a change.

So, we spent our time together outlining the “how to” when it comes to making her move.

First, we shifted our focus from what she “doesn’t” have to what she “does” have. As simple as that sounds, it’s a really common area that trips up a lot of professionals.

We looked at her background in terms of what she has been doing recently and not only looked for “hooks” with her new audience and market, but walked through how to test it to figure out what’s going to get the right attention.

This is HUGE because it positions her to have a conversation that no one else can have.

Will it be for everyone – no. But we don’t want EVERYONE.

We only want those who are HIGHLY interested (and pre-qualified)…

Particularly when you have 25+ years experience.

It’s about having the experience to deliver on a set of outcomes. And the beauty is, when you’ve covered a lot of ground, you have a number of areas from which to choose.

Her next step?

Getting out there and uncovering what she has that her audience (future employers) really, really need…that only she has.

This is a point of distinction that not only cuts through HR, recruiters and online applications…

But it gets you connected with decision makers immediately because they will flat out tell you, “I need that.”

It’s the exact technique I used as a headhunter to execute more than 1,000 searches successfully without using a resume.

And it works at all levels and is particularly effective with professionals who a) want to make career shifts and/or b) have 25+ years experience.

[SPOILER ALERT: She was hired]