Concept of male and female hands, love and coffee
In a previous post Olivia shared the story of how we came to work together.

There were no perfect resumes or LinkedIn profiles.

No online applications and DEFINITELY no HR interviews.

It was much simpler than that.

It was two people listening to one another in terms of where they were professionally and what they needed in order to get to their respective next levels.

Yesterday, Olivia shared her vantage point on our initial conversation and how it led to what she describes as her “dream job.”

Today, I want to share mine.

Moreover, it’s the story about how she landed a job that turned into more than a job. It’s grown, quickly, into a full fledged partnership.

And that really happened on the second day.

Olivia revealed her hesitation to express interest…

Would I think she was trying to pitch me?

Would I think she was trying to make the conversation all about her…and come across as self-serving?

In short…absolutely not.

I’d just “opened the kimono” to her about where we needed help because I wanted her input.

READ: I valued her perspective.

So, when she expressed interest in going even deeper into how she might be able to help – why wouldn’t I have that conversation?

While we all may have a hesitation around asking for anything, it’s critical to note the context.

If someone is sharing a struggle with you they, presumably, are looking for help to solve said problem.

Whether you (or someone else) are the solution or not is yet to be determined.

Second, this now becomes an opportunity to deepen a relationship, if nothing else.

Stephen Covey says, “Seek to understand and then seek to be understood.”

In Olivia explored the opportunity instead of myopically pursuing it.

There’s a HUGE difference here (and one that resonated with me on a number of levels).

She took a consultative approach.

She asked questions. Moreover, her questions probed around the hurdles I was facing and the problems I was looking to solve.

Not the typical, “tell me what you’re looking for?”


“Let’s talk about what you’ve tried.”

“What’s the ultimate outcome you’re looking to achieve?”

As she’s asking these questions, not only does she get a better understanding of what’s important to me (and who I am on a more personal level), but…

I got to experience how it would be working together.

How she approaches problems. How Olivia dealt with obstacles. Essentially, what a day in the life of partnering together would look like.

Here’s something that is key…

While I don’t remember exactly what Olivia said those two days, I do remember how she made me feel…

And I felt that my priorities were becoming her priorities.

That not only laid a great foundation for eventually cementing a partnership, but also building a strategic relationship.

And it all began with a simple ask.

So, what’s have you been telling yourself that’s holding you back from your “dream job?”