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Kevin Kermes: As you know, we’ve helped more than 15,000 professionals find work they love and our entire unconventional approach is outlined step-by-step in our book, The Career Upgrade Roadmap, which you can download free below. We want to do today is walk through each one of those steps really quickly.

Olivia Gamber: Step one, target identification. To stand out you need a laser-like focus. You need to understand the needs of that leader, of that company, of that team, in order to effectively market yourself. This is way different than starting immediately, starting to tweak your resume and focus on your LinkedIn profile, which really essentially gets you nowhere. Instead, we start with the market and identify where you’re going to go after the problem and how you’re going to position yourself.

Kevin Kermes: In step two we do is we move into market validations. You’ve got to go out and you’ve got talk to people. In a job descriptions are never going to tell you the real problem. No company is going to tell you where they’re losing money or where they feel like they’re losing market share. Moreover, and more importantly, it’s not going to tell you where or how you can get paid above market value for the work that you love doing. That’s what we’re going to accomplish through step two in market validation.

Olivia Gamber: Step three, once you’ve identified the role that you know you’re going to love and you know that you can get the role, now it’s time to start to build those strategic relationships and you’re already doing that by having these conversations. This is about converting those contacts into advocates, meaning people that are on your team that want to help you and they want to move you forward in the process and introduce you to people who are in the position to hire you. This is very different than simply going out there and telling people that you’re looking. There’s no value in that for those people to just know you’re looking. Nobody cares you’re looking except for you. This is a more strategic approach to how you go and get your message out there in front of the right people.

Kevin Kermes: In step four we’re going to talk about crafting your career narrative. This is where we start working on a resume. This is where you start working on LinkedIn and positioning your value proposition that sells you. More importantly, it arms the people, like Olivia was talking on step three through consisting connection, it arms people who can help you and advocate for you with the message that’s all about a person who can hire you and will pay you the money that you deserve for the work that you love.

Olivia Gamber: Each of these steps essentially builds up to the outcome which is the red carpet application. This is where you have an advocate internally. You know more about the team, more about the leaders, the priorities, the problems, than any other candidate that would be applying cold, so you’re already going to stand out and you’re going to be able to be more relevant than anybody else that you’re competing against. Ultimately, this leads to more money, better opportunities, and ultimately higher perks and everything and ultimately working in the best jobs in the work that you love. That’s what the whole process builds up to in the end if you execute the steps correctly.

Kevin Kermes: Here’s the deal. You can get the entire step-by-step process below in our book, The Career Upgrade Roadmap, which we’re giving away for free simply be entering your information below. If you’ve already gotten the book and you think, and maybe even trying to explain this to some of your friends, we’ve outlined all the steps here, go ahead and share this video with folks who you think would benefit from it because they need to take an unconventional approach to their job search to be able to stand out, find work they love, and get paid what they’re worth.