(the following is a transcript from the video)

Olivia Gamber: Let’s talk about why feedback from HR is mostly useless. This is something that we hear a lot after working with over 15,000 clients. People get spun up around what they’re hearing from HR and this is a problem.

Kevin Kermes: Yeah, so I mean we feel vulnerable. Right? We aren’t moving forward in a process and we want to know what we did wrong. Well, number one, most of the time you’re not gonna get honest feedback because we’re in such a highly litigious society. People are afraid that they’re gonna get sued, so they’re not gonna give you what the real problem was.

Olivia Gamber: Yeah and at the end of the day, if we’re talking about HR, you’re likely thinking recruiters. These recruiters in many cases are managing several job requisitions, so it can be anywhere from 30 to 100, I mean depending on the company. So they’re not really dialed in, most of the time, on that leader’s pain points, and knowing exactly what that leader’s looking for, and what’s really important to that leader, and what’s going to drive the hiring decision. So they’re really not the audience to give you the feedback that you need.

Kevin Kermes: Yeah and I mean here’s another piece and this is something that’s lost on a lot of folks, and understandably so, because HR and recruiters, a lot of time if you’re working a conventional job search, they’re the first people you’re talking to. They can’t hire you. Okay, so you meet with all these people inside the company. What HR thinks about you, honestly, is largely unimportant because they don’t hire you so their feedback and their reaction to you, their emotional connection or disconnect, honestly doesn’t really matter.

Olivia Gamber: So overall the number one take away we want you to get from this video is do not make shifts, or changes to your job search, or your career approach based on unqualified feedback, and HR is just one example of unqualified feedback. Feedback from somebody who is not in the position to hire you.

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