Mediocrity Green Road Sign with Dramatic Clouds, Sun Rays and Sky.

Recently I watched the Tony Robbins documentary, I am Not Your Guru and it blew my mind!

Of course there were tears, laughs, and deep reflection that took place as I watched.

One quote that still stuck with me from Tony was: “You only get what you settle for in life.

We may not realize it in the moment, but we make decisions to settle in our life EVERY SINGLE DAY.

This could manifest in not going to the gym in the morning, hitting the snooze button a couple extra times, choosing to eat a burger instead of that salad for lunch, and deciding to zone out on social media instead of feeding our mind with knowledge.

This all comes down to what we consider to be “should do’s” in our life vs. “MUST do’s.”

Of course you SHOULD work out and you SHOULD eat a salad or you SHOULD take control of our career.

How many of us have made a breakthrough change in our life by completely refusing to accept mediocrity and reframe these “shoulds” into “MUSTS?”

To have an extraordinary life, you must have an extraordinary psychology.

Unfortunately many of us choose to focus on our failures and relive those over and over in our mind.

We let fear guide our decision making and never really get to see our full potential. We’ve convinced ourselves that we have done everything we can and we begin to accept our situation.

Let me give you an example…

Let’s consider your situation at your current company. Many times we assume that there are no opportunities for advancement because we don’t see any new job postings coming out.

Then you convince yourself that you’re in a dead end job and you can’t leave because you make “pretty good money.”

It doesn’t matter that you’re completely numb to your job and you’re no longer energized by the thought of going into that place one more time.

As you commute to work you sit in traffic and put your mind into autopilot because it’s easier than trying to figure out exactly how to break out of this rut.

We tell ourselves we are way too busy with family, cooking, cleaning, errands, and other obligations to make a significant positive change in our life.

If you’ve already decided that you don’t have the time right now or that you’re stuck for now in your job, then is that really going to change in 6 months? Will it change in a year? What about 5 years?

Our brains are so powerful.

When we really want to convince ourselves of something, then we will go to serious lengths to make that happen.

They call this confirmation bias. We search for things that confirm our beliefs and we only focus on evidence that serves our already developed mental narrative.

This makes it easy for us to decide to accept less than we really deserve. This makes it feel okay to put up with a job that doesn’t challenge us or help us grow.

We don’t have to give away that power though. We can choose to raise those standards. We can choose to reframe those “shoulds” into “musts.”

We don’t have to settle.

Where have you decided to settle recently in your life? Where have you considered convincing yourself of lowering your standards?