A friend of mine said this recently:

Excuses are fear, masquerading as logic

When you work with ambitious professionals looking to advance their careers, you run up against this a lot.

And, while you might think you know what fear looks, feels and tastes like, it’s pretty clever at sneaking in and masking itself.

Because “fear” is – more often than not – at the root of why something isn’t happening with most of the people we work with.

It usually sounds like this:

I can’t because…

So, here’s a little challenge I have for you.

The next time you feel that statement getting ready to come out of your mouth.

Flip it around and say:

I HAVE TO because…

Think about that for a minute.

If what you want is truly important, it’s not about overcoming the fear as much as replacing it with an even bigger fear.

Then, the fear becomes motivation.

I can’t because” = permission to stay right where you are

I have to because” = REQUIRES you taking action. It’s not an option to stay still.

Don’t overcome your fear

Instead, replace it with one that fuels you.

Maybe it’s…

  • the fear of being right where you are professionally a year from now as others pass you by.
  • the fear of getting fat and your significant other no longer finding you attractive.
  • the fear of being average to your spouse, friends…or kids

What’s your fear…and are you bending to it -or- are you using it to drive you?

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Kevin Kermes: You and I were talking about this. We talked about this a lot, what fear looks like. Becoming fearless to me has less to do with never feeling fear than identifying what it is, what it smells like, what it tastes like. You know where it rears up right here in your mid-chest, how it makes you feel and the second that that comes up, recognizing that you’re probably on the right path, and you need to push through because that should not be what stands between you and the outcome you want to achieve. It’s going to be uncomfortable. It should be uncomfortable. The discomfort is a good indication that you’re on the right path.

Olivia: Exactly.

Kevin Kermes: To this point, when you and I have talked about this, we still experience it. At every point in your career, as you continue to grow, you will experience it because you are going to constantly push yourself out of your comfort zone. In concert with what Olivia is saying, I challenge you to look for that and push through it, knowing and focusing on you know how it’s going to feel on the other side when you’ve accomplished it. That’s the drug you’re chasing. That’s the way I look at it, at least. I don’t know if I should say chasing a drug, but there it is.

Olivia Gamber: Absolutely. Don’t go the path of least resistance.

Kevin Kermes: This week until Friday, I think it’s Friday at midnight, right, Olivia?

Olivia Gamber: Yeah.

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